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Community Activities

Community Activities

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) 2013 will be one of the largest events Sri Lanka has hosted in a long time. The conference will not only be an event to discuss important global issues but also a celebration of the common values that bind Commonwealth nations together to work toward common goals.

Marking Sri Lanka’s commitment to the Commonwealth and to promote the spirit of Commonwealth principles, CHOGM 2013 Taskforce has planned various community activities that will enable the public to participate in CHOGM-related events.


Commonwealth Film Festival

Another public event will be the screening of international films from Commonwealth countries at the National Film Corporation. More information, including the screening schedule, will be made available on this website once member countries submit the films.

Event Calender
Nov 16 : CHOGM Retreat - Session I
Nov 16 : Round-table with CW Asotd. Orgs.
Nov 16 : Round-table with Civil Society Orgs.
Nov 16 : CHOGM Retreat – Session II
Nov 16 : Press Conference
Nov 17 : CHOGM Retreat – Session III
Nov 17 : CHOGM Executive Session III
Nov 17 : Concluding Press Conference

Commonwealth Chair in Office Conveys Greetings for the 20th Commonwealth Games.

Chair in Office of the Commonwealth, Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapaksa has conveyed his warm greetings for the 20th Commonwealth Games that got under in Glasgow, Scotland. Below is the full text of the message.


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Commonwealth Games Opening Statement by Kamalesh Sharma

Glasgow 2014 is a showcase for friendship, says Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma

Today’s Opening of the 20th Commonwealth Games in Glasgow brings fresh inspiration to people of all ages, and in every member....

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The XX Commonwealth Games Declared Open.

The Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games took place in a packed Celtic Park in Glasgow, the host city for the XX Commonwealth Games. Broadcast to over a billion viewers worldwide and to a stadium audience of 40,000, the ceremon....

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